Madison Maxwell

Madison Maxwell is a graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she majored in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences with minors in both Spanish and English Writing.

Prior to joining her mother’s team, Madison moved to Austin, Texas where she worked for Velocity Black, a members-only luxury concierge service, as a Luxury Travel Sales Agent for celebrities and high- net worth individuals.

From her experience of working with both children and adults with disabilities in speech therapy, Madison developed an understanding on the significance of being patient, an effective communicator and a ‘people person’.

Today, she continues to incorporate those same attributes into her position at Lesly Maxwell Interiors; but with a bit of a twist. She has jumped into her role quickly – wearing a number of hats – as she works alongside Lesly on job sites, monitors the supply chain for each of the client’s projects and learns about the specifics of the design industry: all while bringing her feisty attitude with her wherever she goes.

Born and raised in the Jupiter, FL area, Madison is happy to return home after 5 years. Madison calls herself a self-proclaimed ‘movie-critic,’ as she spends her free-time watching old and new movies, giving her own ‘rotten-tomato’ rating at the end of each one.

She also enjoys going to yoga a few days a week, spending time with her family and grabbing a drink with friends at local hotspots.